How to Take Better Pictures of Your Dog.

How to Take Better Pictures of Your Dog.

Discover 6 easy tips to instantly improve your images!

Every photo of your dog is an amazing work of art. But with any piece of art, it’s always the smallest details that make the difference. With a couple of tips you will make better photos!

  1. Get attention!

Call his or her name, make sounds they respond to, and talk to them to get them to look at the camera (if that is what you want). You can also use treats! Dogs will almost always look right at the treat.

  1. Find a favorite spot.

Photograph your dog in his or her favorite spot. A chair. Looking out a window. The front porch. Incorporate more of the environment to make it about the place and a time stamp in your life.

  1. Get low – like, really low.

The quickest way to bring major impact into your images? Get on the same level as your dog. Try it. Take a photo of your dog while you’re standing, then squat, and finally put the bottom of your phone on the floor. Watch how, with each image, your dog becomes more and more the focus of the photo.

  1. Develop Your Patience.

The line between fun and frustration is razor thin when you’re trying to get the perfect photo of your dog. Your pup might be having an off day, there could be people blocking your shot, or your camera settings might be all wrong. So many things can go wrong!

 5. Change your camera perspective.

Get on your dog’s level and take pictures from different angles for more interesting shots. Take photos from above, below, in front, behind! Use your creativity to produce different photos that highlight your favorite parts of your dog from all different points of view. Get super low to make your dog heroic. Go wide and put him or her in the lower left corner. Chances are pretty good you’ll love one of them because it’s a different take on the way you initially saw it.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice.

As with anything you teach your dog, the more practice he gets, the better the results. Start out shooting photos in places with few distractions and work your way up. And if you want your pooch to pose on your next vacation, start taking his photo in your kitchen now!

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