How to Prepare for Your Pet Photo Session in 6 steps.

How to Prepare for Your Pet Photo Session in 6 steps.

Big day for little star

Do you want to book a dog photography photo session but have concerns that your very special soulmate will be a complete maniac on the day?


There are always few potential clients that have reservations about booking due to their beloved furry family member’s “unruly” behavior. Whether it be a hyperactive puppy or oldie that does not yet know how to sit still. Some owners believe their pets to be impossible to photograph!


You know what they say about working with children and animals!! Well, when it comes to photo shoots there is a fundamental difference between the two subjects. Children will often start out shy and eventually open up as a photo session progresses, whereas dogs go crazy right from the beginning and eventually calming down.


Tip 1. So, what is this secret? Is getting them tired.


Playing, running, and stimulating the dog before a session will keep them calmer when it comes time to take the photographs.


Tip 2. Sometimes, the best pet photography shots are those in which you play with no involvement and sit back and observe how photographer do magic with a telephoto or zoom lens. My trigger finger is FAST. And can capture in focus even the fastest puppy on earth 🙂


Tip 3. Treats, toys, and noises can bring attention back. I get them to focus on the treat in my hand. You’ll bring their favourite high reward treats or noisy toys.


Tip 4. Sometimes if it’s tricky, I’ll ask you to lend a hand. This could be to stand or sit next to your dog, out of the frame, or to stand right beside me to get your dog to look right into the camera. It’s different, but it’s so fun and so worth it!


Tip 5. I also want to get your dog WITH you (and your family!), I position you in a pose that looks good, and then I’ll encourage you to interact, hug or smile, head tilts from your dog, and that’s when the magic happens when you relax into a pose and you’re yourself.


Tip 6. I’ve not had a dog I couldn’t photograph, except almost one. In this case, you keep her/ him on leash to keep them in place & I’ll remove the leash in post production.

Well, do you still think your dog is too naughty to attend a professional pet photo session? I hope I’ve convinced you otherwise!

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